Multi-choice Placement Tests for Life

The Life Placement Test Package provides multi-choice placement tests for the assessment and placement of students in the Life programme. The package includes:

  • Five short placement tests to determine which level of two adjacent levels of Life a student should be assigned to
  • One full placement test that covers the whole of the Life grammar syllabus
  • A teacher's guide to setting and scoring the tests
  • Answer keys and answer tables

Click on the links below. These tests are located on a secure site for Life teachers only. You will need to register your details to receive access to the Life Teacher Tools.

Life Full Placement Test package

Life Short Placement Test - Beginner / Elementary

Life Short Placement Test - Elementary / Pre-intermediate / Intermediate

Life Short Placement Test - Pre-intermediate / Intermediate / Upper Intermediate

Life Short Placement Test - Intermediate / Upper Intermediate / Advanced

Life Short Placement Test - Upper Intermediate / Advanced